Weekly Workout

Weekly Workout #1 – Push Up Variations

The team at MaxNRG PT understand sometimes you would like to do your own workout at home, park or at your local gym. So we are now happy to provide our new ‘Weekly Workout’.

Each Wednesday we will be posting new workouts, exercise ideas and variations and some challenges that you can set for yourself.

Sick of the same old pushups?

In our first addition to ‘Weekly Workouts’ we will go through a variety of different types and variations to complete a push ups. The 5 types push ups we start of with are quite challenging so give them a try and let us know how you went!

Equipment needed: Fitball or bench and a set of Dumbbells

1. T- Push Up

Watch video here

2. Decline Push Up

Watch Video here

3. Offset Push Up

Watch Video here

4. Renegade Push Up

Watch Video here

5. Spiderman Push Up

Watch Video here

Try This!

10 repetitions of each push up and try beat your time. Good Luck!

We look forward to giving up more workouts and challenges each week, Stay tuned!

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