Mobile Personal Training in Melbourne

Mobile Personal Training in Melbourne, VICTORIA

What is mobile personal training?

Mobile training means just that, we are mobile, we do not work out of gyms or a studio but come to you fully equipped and use the surroundings such as your home, workplace or a local park, to create a private, safe and comfortable environment for your exercise sessions.

Where do we train our clients?

Our mobile personal training team, service most suburbs in Melbourne and all our trainers are equipped with all the exercise equipment necessary to deliver that type of exercise and fitness training that will get results. We came come to you when and where you want.

  • Your home
  • Your backyard
  • Local park or oval
  • Your workplace
  • Your sporting club
  • Your gym
  • Whatever works best for you!

Enquire about Mobile Personal Training

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You may be time poor, work from home, are a stay home mum or it might just be you don’t feel comfortable in a gym environment. Whatever the reason may be mobile personal training will be a great solution for you to achieve your health and fitness goals.

The benefits of mobile personal training:

  • For people with busy schedules it takes out the travel time to and from gyms. Your trainer comes to you

    Having a mobile personal trainer come to you saves you the time it can take to get to and from the gym. Having a personal trainer that comes to you will also create more spare time for you to feel good about yourself and enjoy life with friends and family.

  • Personal and private sessions

    Train in your own home away from busy gyms! We understand some people are uncomfortable training in front of an audience so that’s why mobile training gives you the perfect opportunity to have an experienced personal trainer concentrate entirely on you and your goals in an environment that feel safe and comfortable for you.

  • Gyms can be very intimidating and confusing for beginners.

    Walking into a gym for the first time can be rather overwhelming and it is very easy to become intimidated by all the big and confusing equipment. Nothing churns up feelings of anxiety like a gym filled with massive, body building males and super fit females in their designer workout gear. This is never a problem when you are training in the comfort of your own home or local park with the guidance of your mobile personal trainer.

  • Enjoy the outdoors

    Get out and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air while you train! Don’t get closed in by the 4 walls of a gym instead train in your local park/back-yard. Our experienced personal trainer will come prepared with a variety of equipment and ideas on how to use your surroundings to have an enjoyable and effective training session.

  • Learn new and exciting ways to train without the use of expensive equipment

    There are endless ways to exercise and you certainly don’t need to use big clunky machines to help you. Our experienced mobile personal trainers are constantly learning new ways to train the body with the use of minimal equipment and incorporating more functional, bodyweight based exercises. Despite the use of minimal equipment you’ll be surprised with the fitness results you can achieve.

  • Treated like a person and not a number

    Most gyms want as many people through the door as possible and have everybody signed up to long term contracts. Once signed, the average person will receive a generic workout program to follow together with a quick tour of the gym and then you’re on your own. Our mobile personal training sessions are private and personalised with experienced trainers whose number one focus is to help you reach your goals.

  • No start up fees

    Most gyms have start up fees or will advertise ‘no start up fees’ with the catch that you must then be locked into a long term contract. With MaxNRG Personal Training its plain and simple, you pay for only your training sessions and there are NO LONG TERM CONTRACTS!

  • Train without leaving your own home

    Don’t you hate the time you waste before and after work travelling to and from the gym, struggling to get a car park and not being able to use the exercise equipment you need because the gym is too busy. A mobile personal trainer takes away these extra stresses and saves you the time by coming to your own home and brings with them all the equipment you need. If you have a home gym set-up, your personal trainer can also show you how to use this in order to get the best possible weight and fitness results.

  • Great way to meet new people when training in groups

    Are you new to the Melbourne area? Or just want to meet new people? Don’t get stuck going in and out of gym classes, not knowing a sole. MaxNRG is a Melbourne based Personal Training service that provides the best in group fitness training and delivers a highly enjoyable session while still achieving fantastic results for all its clients.

  • Deliver a positive return on your investment

    Even though a personal trainer is always there to continually push and motivate you, training with a friend or partner is a great way to give you that extra kick. It is often quite hard to train with a friend or partner in an overly crowded gym and it can also be difficult to arrange a time that suits both of you to get to and from the gym and to pick a gym that suits your work and home locations. With mobile personal training you can select a time and place that is convenient to all parties involved whilst also providing an environment for you to socialise in with your training partner. When training with a friend or partner you can also save over 33% on normal training fees, so it also makes great economic sense as well.

Read our article on the Top 10 benefits of mobile personal training” on our Health & Fitness Blog.

MaxNRG Personal Training is a mobile personal trainer company in Melbourne, VICTORIA. All our fitness trainers are highly qualified and are the types of trainers who are willing to go above and beyond to be excellent and truly help people reach their fitness and exercise goals. Our goal is provide the best personal training services available in Australia.

To learn more about how we can help you, simply fill out our easy online contact form or call us on 0403-741-278 and a member of our personal training team will discuss how we can provide the best possible support for you to succeed.

Fill out our enquiry form or ph. 0403-741-278

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