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Healthy Together Victoria

Healthy Together Victoria

Victorians are being urged to make small steps towards better health. The state government has recently launched a new “Healthy Together Victoria’ campaign which aims to improve people’s health where they live, learn, work and play. People should start with small achievable changes, such as adding a few extra veggies to their meals, or cutting down on the amount of processed food they eat, or getting outdoors and exercising on the weekend.

Healthy Together Victoria focuses on addressing the underlying causes of poor health in children’s settings, workplaces and communities to strengthen Victoria’s prevention system. The focus is on encouraging healthy eating and physical activity, and reducing smoking and harmful alcohol use.

The initiative is jointly funded by the State Government of Victoria and the Australian Government through the National Partnership Agreement on Preventive Health (NPAPH).

  • A focus on children
  • As children and young people develop the knowledge, skills and behaviour for lifelong health and wellbeing, preventive efforts focused in the early years of life are likely to be effective and long-lasting.

  • A focus on workplaces
  • The benefits of healthy workplaces reach far beyond individual workers, influencing the health of families and communities. Behind every successful business is the hard working loyal employees who work within it. A healthy workplace also reduces sick leave and staff turnover and increases productivity and participation. One of the best ways for improving employee job satisfaction is a Corporate Health and Fitness Programs that aim to increase each staff members quality of life.

    Through the National Partnership Agreement on Preventive Health (NPAPH), the Australian Government is delivering national initiatives that complement the work underway in Victoria. These are underpinned by a joint statement by the Australian Government and peak employer representatives and unions demonstrating their commitment to improving the health of the population through workplaces. There is also a Healthy Workers website which has the latest tools, resources and guidance to support employers develop health promoting workplaces and an awards program.

    Another option is our Melbourne corporate fitness programs that are flexible and adaptable to both your organization and employees needs. By tailoring the exercise program to your company’s specific needs we are able to provide you with an opportunity to improve your workplace that is both effective and affordable. Our corporate fitness programs can include private 1 on 1 consultations, group exercise sessions, boot camp programs, education on nutrition and guidance with healthy food plans as well as ongoing fitness appraisals and assessments.

    Learn more about our Melbourne Corporate Fitness Training

  • Initiatives
  • Healthy Together Victoria also aims to create links to health promotion and prevention services and programs underway across the state, such as Premier’s Active Families Challenge, Ride2School, WorkHealth and Life!

    Healthy Together Communities

    Healthy Together Communities are operating in 12 areas across Victoria. In these areas, local governments, in partnership with community health organisations, local stakeholders and communities, are leading comprehensive local efforts to support the development of a local prevention system.

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    MaxNRG Personal Training is a mobile personal trainer company in Melbourne, VICTORIA. All our fitness trainers are highly qualified and are the types of trainers who are willing to go above and beyond to be excellent and truly help people reach their fitness and exercise goals. Our goal is provide the best personal training services available in Australia.

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Exercise of the Week Fitness Training Personal Training

June Jumping Jack Challenge

The MaxNRG PT JUNE Jumping Jack Challenge!

Introducing the first of many fitness challenges that you can do in your own home in a matter of minutes. This is a great opportunity to set yourself a goal and challenge yourself.

Can you reach the 300 repetition mark in a month? Having no time to exercise is no excuse as doing 300 jumping jacks should not anymore then 5 minutes together.

Whats a Jumping Jack (also known as a Star Jump)?

Video and description via our Exercise of the week page: Jumping Jack/Star Jump


Stay tuned for next months challenge! GOOD LUCK!

MaxNRG Personal Training is a mobile personal trainer company in Melbourne, VICTORIA. All our fitness trainers are highly qualified and are the types of trainers who are willing to go above and beyond to be excellent and truly help people reach their fitness and exercise goals. Our goal is provide the best personal training services available in Australia.

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Fitness Training Personal Training

Focus on Fitness Training

Boxing Fitness Training

What is it?
A great way to let off steam and a great way to get fit. Boxing certainly brings out the best in you. In boxing sessions you will learn different types of punches, kicks, footwork and combos. These sessions do not mean you are in the boxing ring getting punched up! It’s all a mixture of cardio, stamina and endurance.

Types of punches: jab, cross, hook, uppercuts, rolling & rips
Types of kicks: straight kicks, round house & knees

Combine these types of exercises into combos, runs and drills you will definitely get the blood pumping and the arms and legs burning. Core work can also be a major part of your boxing session with a variety of sit up and crunch punch combos and some laying down bag kicks and leg raise kicks.

In a group boxing session you will work with a partner and go through various drills and exercises including running, body weight and core work together and you will also have to be the pad holder, which can be a workout itself.

Equipment needed for a great boxing session:
Boxing gloves/mitts
Focus pads
Exercise mats
Kick bags

Boxing is surprising enjoyable with most clients getting into it straight away, and once you have learnt the basics you will soon realise how much the session takes it out of you and pushes you to your limits. I think we all want to let out our frustrations and what better way to do that than participating in a boxing fitness program.

Who can do it?
Anyone! All ages and fitness levels are able do boxing, in you session to get the best workout try and partner up with someone your size and fitness level, that way you can work together at your own pace and feel comfortable throughout your workout.

Example Boxing Fitness Program

Warm Up
– Jab/Crosses x 30 seconds + run to cone
– Hooks x 30 seconds + run to come
– Uppercuts x 30 seconds + run to cone

Combos 1 & 2
– 2 x jabs + 1 cross repeat x 30 seconds
– jab + cross then one hard uppercut x 30 seconds

Drill 1
– In pairs countdown – 50 x jab/crosses + run to cone (gloves) / star jumps (pad holder) then countdown 40, 30, 20, 10
– 50 x hooks + run to cone (gloves) / jump squats (pads) & countdown 40, 30, 20,10
– 50 x uppercuts + run to the cone (gloves) / mountain climbers (pads) & countdown 40, 30, 20, 10
Then SWAP with your partner

Combos 3 & 4
– 10 x hooks + 10 x round house kicks (both sides)
–  jab + cross + left uppercut + right uppercut + light knee + right knee

Boxing Core
– Sit up punches – 10 x jab cross sit ups
– Leg raise bag kicks x 10
Repeat x 3


Want to get into boxing?
MaxNRG Personal Training offer boxing for one on one personal training, small private training, group training and corporate training throughout Melbourne. All of our trainers are qualified in boxing and kick boxing and have the skills to run quality sessions that are effective and very enjoyable. We want you to train hard, stay committed and we will be the motivation you need get the results you want to achieve.

Call 0403-741-278 or fill out our online enquiry form to get started today!

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Personal Training Melbourne | Mobile Personal Trainers in Melb, VIC

Personal Training

South Melbourne Personal Trainers

Personal Training South Melbourne VIC 3205

South Melbourne – City of Port Phillip, Melbourne VIC

MaxNRG Personal Training now has mobile fitness trainers operating throughout the South Melbourne area so if you hate going to the gym, we’re the best solution for you. We can now come to you wherever you are located in South Melbourne, St Kilda, Elwood, Middle Park.

For more information visit:
Personal Trainers South Melbourne

Meet Our Trainers

Matthew Smith is an experienced mobile personal trainer that services in South Melbourne, St Kilda, Elwood, South Yarra, Port Melbourne, Brunswick, Carlton, Prahran, Richmond, Toorak and the surrounding suburbs. To view Matthew’s Profile visit the Meet The Trainers page of our main site here. Personal Trainer Profiles

Our main objective is to help you change your lifestyle, lose weight, and feel good about yourself. We ensure at MaxNRG Personal Training that you get what you pay for and more! All our trainers are highly qualified exercise & fitness professionals that will go above and beyond to create a fitness program that matches your current fitness level and personal goals.

Read more about the personal training services we offer in South Melbourne:

  • Personal Training South Melbourne – Our one-on-one personal fitness training is perfect for those who wish to train alone and receive their trainer’s absolute focus and attention.
  • Outdoor Boot Camps South Melbourne and Group Training South Melbourne – Looking for outdoor group fitness sessions in South Melbourne? Group fitness sessions are an enjoyable, motivational and cost effective way to experience personal training
  • Private Group Training South Melbourne – Personal Training does not mean you have to do it alone! We encourage people to get together in small groups with friends, family or work colleagues to train together with our private group training sessions.
  • Corporate Fitness Training South Melbourne – Do you own a business in South Melbourne or you work for a company located in South Melbourne? Our MaxNRG corporate fitness program ensure to shift your staff out of their chairs and into shape! Increase the morale and productivity of your staff by beginning a corporate fitness program.

MaxNRG Personal Training
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Personal Training Melbourne | Mobile Personal Trainers in Melb, VIC

View South Melbourne Personal Training in a larger map

For more information on the services that MaxNRG Personal Training offer in South Melbourne, call 0403-741-278 to speak to one of the MaxNRG personal training team, or check out some of the other areas of our website.

  • View more personal training location in the City of Port Phillip.

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Personal Training

Roxburgh Park Personal Trainers

Personal Training in Roxburgh Park

MaxNRG Personal Training now has mobile fitness trainers operating throughout Roxburgh Park so if you hate going to the gym, we’re the best solution for you. We can now come to you wherever you are located in Greenvale, Roxburgh Park, Craigieburn.

For more information visit:
Personal Trainers in Roxburgh Park, Victoria

Denis Sadik is an experienced mobile personal trainer that services in Craigieburn, Roxburgh Park, Greenvale, Glenroy and the surrounding suburbs. To view Denis’s Profile visit the Meet The Trainers page of our main site here. Personal Trainer Profiles

MaxNRG Personal Training
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Personal Training Melbourne | Mobile Personal Trainers in Melb, VIC

Personal Training

Personal Training Carlton

Personal Trainers in Carlton, Brunswick, Coburg and Fitzroy

MaxNRG Personal Training now has mobile fitness trainers operating all throughout the Carlton, Brunswick, Fitzroy and Coburg areas so if you hate going to the gym, we’re the best solution for you. We can now come to you wherever you are located in Carlton, Coburg, Fitzroy or Preston.

For more information visit:
Personal Trainers in Carlton, Victoria

MaxNRG Personal Training
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Personal Training Melbourne | Mobile Personal Trainers in Melb, VIC

Personal Training

Finding a Personal Trainer? And what to look for…

Anyone that has ever wanted to improve their health and well-being has gone through the process of attempting different ways to get into fitness, whether it’s buying a gym membership and never using it, trying a new sport or even something as simple as going for a regular walk or bike ride. These things are sometimes hard to stick to and finding the extra motivation to get you in the swing of things is often difficult to achieve by yourself.

That’s where hiring a personal trainer is a perfect way to have someone to push you in the right direction and provide that extra spark, because after all being a positive influence is one of the main jobs of a personal trainer.

If you decide that a personal trainer is something you may be interested in, looking for and finding the right personal trainer for you can often be a daunting task. The health and fitness industry is no different than any other industry. There are many qualified people of all levels and also many people who claim to be qualified just to make money. If you are one of those people that is tired of wasting their time in the gym and want to hire a personal trainer to start seeing results, then how do you know that you are hiring the right person?

There are many questions on what makes a great fitness trainer and what you should look out for before starting with one. , so hopefully when you do begin your search for one you can ask all the right type of questions to get the help you need and deserve.

Practice what they preach

Anyone working in the health or fitness industry should practice what they preach if they are to be taken seriously. You may find a trainer that knows everything about health and fitness and the knowledge to help others achieve their goals but for them to gain respect and credibility they should look the part. If they are going to help you reach your health and fitness goals and critique your diet and lifestyle, the least that they can do is be a positive role model that is physically fit and healthy.

The opposite is also true though. Just because people look great physically does not always mean that they will have the proper knowledge to help you achieve your goals. If something works for them, it does not mean it will necessarily work for you. Many people are blessed with good genetics and would look good no matter what they do.


A person’s credentials can often be an important clue about their competence as a personal trainer. Firstly you want to make sure your trainer is qualified. A university degree or certification from various organisations forms a solid foundation of knowledge, but there are also many great trainers in the industry that don’t have either. The minimum requirements your fitness trainer should have is Certificate III and IV in Fitness/Personal Training. This will make sure they not only have a great understanding all things health and fitness but that their knowledge has been put into practice. Every personal trainer should also have their Senior First Aid Certificate and be in possession of a first aid kit for every session in case of emergencies.

All personal trainers should be attending workshops and training courses to make sure their qualifications and knowledge is up to date and to ensure they have a variety of skills to further improve your sessions. Some of the courses and workshops available specialise in: Boxing, Older adult, Kids, Rehabilitation, Group, Boot camp, sports specific, weight loss and nutrition.

Depending on your specific requirements, there may be other important questions whose answers will determine whether a certain personal trainer is qualified to answer your needs.

  • How much experience does this fitness trainer have?
  • Do they know anything about nutrition or just follow the basic Australian Dietary Guidelines?
  • Will they be able to accommodate for any specific medical conditions that you may have?
  • Do they promote or encourage the use of drugs to accomplish your goals?
  • Are you looking for a personal trainer who is knowledgeable in a specific sport?
  • Do they still study, regularly attend seminars and workshops or do research on a regular basis to stay on top of the latest research available in the fitness industry when it comes to training, nutrition, injury prevention, supplements, ECT?

Registered and Insured

It is a must for all personal trainers to be registered with an Australian fitness industry such as Fitness Australia and Kinect Australia where they are recognised as an exercise professional.
Having Public Liability/Professional Indemnity Insurance is also a big must for all trainers. Make sure the personal trainer has their own personal liability insurance. It is extremely rare for an experienced personal trainer to ever harm a client enough to warrant a lawsuit but it is still important that they possess the required insurance, to ensure they operate in a safe environment for you to train in.


When starting with a personal trainer you should receive a health and fitness consultation before you start. Your trainer should go through a simple form to discuss your fitness goals and your previous exercise and medical history as well as discussing how your sessions should be run to give you the results you need. Once more is known about your specific goals and exercise history you can then be matched up to a fitness trainer that suits you.

Testimonials/Reviews from Past & Present Clients

Most successful trainers will have some success stories which they will happily share about their client’s success stories. Look at what other people say about the personal trainers.

MaxNRG’s growing list of personal training reviews from clients.

A learning Experience

Most people want a basic understanding of nutrition and exercise. They want to know what they should and shouldn’t be eating and what they need to do to be healthy. The problem with the health and fitness industry is there are so many misconceptions, half truths and contradictions coming from magazines, the internet, books and the media that many people don’t know what to believe.

The service that a trainer provides can be defined in many ways but should involve more than just handing you a training program and holding your hand while you work out. Although most people are just looking for a personal trainer to guide them through an exercise and fitness program to ultimately reach their specific goal weight or certain fitness level, you may actually want or expect more than that, AND YOU SHOULD!

Perhaps you want to learn about proper weight training technique or how to improve your cardiovascular fitness, how to eat better for health, eat better for improved sporting performance, manage or rehabilitate injuries, or maybe just someone to motivate you. The experience you have with a personal trainer then will become an educational one and not just purely about exercising.

It’s quite reasonable for you to have several questions when you first start out exercising or when beginning a new fitness regime. You may want in-depth answers to help you understand the reasoning behind the decisions that are made about your training plan. These sorts of discussions can help improve the relationship you have with your trainer and increase your own level of commitment to your training. Over time you will eventually develop basic knowledge putting you in a better position to make your own decision in relation to exercise and healthy eating in your daily life without having to refer to your trainer every step of the way.


You want a trainer that you are going to get along and feel comfortable with. Most training sessions are generally one on one or small groups so having a trainer that you can trust will not only make your sessions more enjoyable but also something you look forward to. Most trainers should be easy going, be approachable, be highly motivational, able to inspire, and most of all come to your sessions with a smile and a positive attitude.


When beginning a new fitness regime you make a commitment to yourself and your trainer about changing your life in a positive way, and that level of commitment should also be made by your trainer. They should be making a commitment to you and your goals and will be with you every step of the way no matter how big or small that goal may be.

Able to Adapt

There are a few ways trainers need be able to adapt to any situation or individual. Everyone is different and personal trainers need to be aware that not everyone wants to be trained the same. You may be someone who wants to have high intensity sessions where you are pushed hard for every minute of the session or you may want a low key but effective session, and your trainer should be able to adapt your training program to suit your personality. At the same time your trainer should still be able to provide an effective session that will enjoy.

The weather can be a factor for outdoor training, through the wetter colder months, but there is no reason why you cannot keep you sessions going. You and your trainer should have a backup plan in place in case the weather is too harsh to exercise outdoors and at worst case be able to reschedule your session to the next day so you don’t fall behind in your training.


You want to feel comfortable during your sessions and your trainer should be accepting of each individual no matter what shape, size, beliefs or who they are. A trainer’s focus should solely be to get you fit and healthy and have you reaching the goals you are after. You also do not want to be forced to do something that you don’t feel comfortable doing, and your trainer should conduct you sessions where you feel comfortable in your surroundings so you may concentrate on your training session without any added perceived pressure.

Fitness Program and Variety

To get your desired result, your trainer should set up a program according to your goals no matter how big or small. Your initial sessions will start off at a relative level to your previous and current training ability. Although it is fantastic that you have taken the first step to start living a healthier life, you still must allow time for your body to adapt to the training workload otherwise more often than not injuries occur. Once your technique is correct and the correct recovery protocols are in place your trainer should slowly increase the intensity of your workout and give you more challenging exercises to perform. The last thing you want to do is have boring and repetitive training sessions, each session should be different to the previous session to keep things interesting and moving towards your fitness goals.

Feedback and follow up

Keeping track of your goals is a great way to provide motivation to keep going with the training and it is also a great way to view the changes that have been made in your progress as you pursue your ultimate goal. You trainer should be constantly be asking and check with you on how you are feeling and if you would like to change anything about your current exercise regime. This way you’re going to enjoy your training and be another step closer towards the results you want.

Enjoyable and Effective

Enjoyable and Effective, it is what makes a great trainer. You want to be able to enjoy your session and have the occasional laugh whilst still knowing that you are getting an effective training workout. You will be more likely to stick with it and feel much better about yourself if your sessions are enjoyable and fun.

Value for Money

As mentioned earlier and what matters most is you want to get good value for money. A good trainer should have all the attributes mentioned above and that extra wow factor! Their knowledge, commitment, enjoyment and the big one, motivation should be second to none and make your fitness routine easy with no hassle!


Finding a suitable personal trainer is a worthwhile investment to help you reach your goals, but you are the only person who truly knows what you want.

If you don’t think you’ll be happy with a particular trainer, keep looking. Armed with a little bit of knowledge about what you should be looking for in a fitness trainer, you should now be able to make an informed choice to the type of personal trainer you deserve.

MaxNRG Personal Training is a mobile personal training company that operates throughout Melbourne. All our trainers are highly qualified and are the types of trainers who are willing to go above and beyond to be excellent and truly help people. Our goal is provide the best personal training services in Melbourne, Australia and transform the bodies of our clients to reach the exercise and fitness goals they are after.

To learn more about how we can help you, simply fill out our easy online contact form HERE or call us on 0403-741-278 and a member of our personal training team will discuss how we can provide the best possible support for you to succeed. Also visit First Aid Training Brampton. That knowledges can help in fitness classes of gym.

Personal Training

Personal Training – The first step to a healthier life

The First Step: A Healthier Way of Life

He who deliberates fully before taking a step will spend his entire life on one leg – Chinese Proverb

Are you waiting for everything in your life to be perfect before you commit to a healthier lifestyle or have you put exercise on hold while you look for a new pair of runners or insert your own excuse here…?

STOP procrastinating and START today!

Most people learn things in life through trial and error.  The average person often fails to get it right the first time they try something, they then will try to learn from the mistakes that they’ve made and try again. For example have you ever tried losing weight, attempted a new fitness regime or gone on a diet? And if you have tried any of these things have you ever succeeded the first time around? Probably not…

It is said that only a fool learns from his own mistakes, a wise man from the mistakes of others Otto Von Bismark

Having an experienced personal trainer is the perfect way to help kick start the healthy, balanced lifestyle you’ve always wanted.  The MaxNRG Personal Training team is comprised of a highly experienced staff of trainers who each have been a part of the health and fitness industry for many years. All trainers possess an extensive wealth of knowledge regarding the ins and outs of exercise, nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices meaning you do not have to make all the ‘trial and error’ mistakes yourself.

Whenever you start exercising you should always attempt to model your training on another person’s past experiences as they have already been in the same situation as you and already made the countless mistakes that commonly arise when attempting to lead a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. The MaxNRG Personal Training team has seen what works and what doesn’t with a whole range of past and current clients and now possess a variety of extremely successful systems aimed at achieving your specific weight and fitness goals.

All the information that you receive from your MaxNRG Personal Trainer comes from years of practical experience, trial and error and the best available research from within the health industry to help create a specifically tailored program for your needs.  At MaxNRG Personal Training we aim to teach you everything you will ever need to reach your goal of a highly balanced and healthy way of life.

Everybody wants to improve the way they look, feel and move.  Whether your goal is to…

  • Compete in a recreational sport
  • Take part in a charity fun run e.g. ‘Run for the Kids‘ or upcoming ‘Melbourne Mothers Day Classic
  • Become stronger at the gym
  • Have more energy to play with your kids
  • Lose weight +/- tone up; or
  • Get through the working week a little easier

We all need a little help with exercise from time to time whether it’s because you’re not seeing the results you want, lack the motivation and drive to keep going or it could be as simple as you’re just not sure where to start.  Whatever your goal is, it’s up to you to take that ‘first step’ and incorporating the help of a personal trainer is the perfect way to succeed.

Start personal training with a MaxNRG Personal Trainer today for great fitness and weight loss results! Our mobile personal training services that operates throughout Melbourne is the best way for you to achieve your fitness goals. Call 0403-741-278 or simply fill out our online form here

Personal Training

Top 10 reasons to start Mobile Personal Training

1. More personal and private sessions

Train in your own home away from busy gyms! We understand some people are uncomfortable training in front of an audience so that’s why mobile training gives you the perfect opportunity to have a qualified personal trainer concentrate entirely on you and your goals in a space that is safe and comfortable for you.

2. Gyms can be very intimidating and confusing  for beginners

Walking into a gym for the first time can be rather overwhelming and it is very easy to become intimidated by all the big and confusing equipment/machinery. Nothing churns up feelings of anxiety like a gym filled with massive, body building males and super fit females in their designer workout gear.  As a beginner you’re still learning how to perform the different exercises, you’re unaware of how many sets/repetitions to do and knowing what each machine actually does remains a mystery. Why put yourself though all this when you can train in the comfort of your own home and the great outdoors and receive personalised fitness programming and guidance.

3. Training without leaving your own home

Don’t you hate the time you waste after work travelling to and from the gym, struggling to get a car park and not being able to use the exercise equipment you need because the gym is too busy. A mobile personal trainer takes away these extra stresses and saves you time by coming to your own home and brings with them all the equipment you need.  If you have a home gym set-up, your personal trainer can also show you how to use this in order to get the best possible weight and fitness results.

4. You are treated like a person not a number

Most gyms just want as many people through the door as possible and have everybody signed up to long term contracts. Once signed, the average person will receive a generic workout program to follow together with a quick tour of the gym and then you’re on your own.  With a mobile personal trainer your sessions are private and personalised with experienced trainers whose number one focus is to help you reach your goals.  When looking for a personal training service look for someone that will treat you the way you want to be treated, respects the way you learn and who is client-focused. A high-quality personal trainer guarantees ongoing contact and motivation not only within your sessions but also via phone, email and text whenever you have a question to ask. Ultimately achieving the best results for each client is driven by creating a strong relationship between client and trainer.

5. Enjoying the outdoors

Get out and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air while you train! Don’t get closed in by the 4 walls of a gym instead train in your local park/back-yard.  An experienced personal trainer will come prepared with a variety of equipment and ideas on how to use your surroundings to have an enjoyable and effective training session.

Check out our ‘MaxNRG Exercise of the Week’ page for great outdoor fitness examples

6. Learning exciting new ways to train without large fitness machines

There are endless ways to exercise and you certainly don’t need to use big clunky machines to help you.  Experienced mobile personal trainers are constantly learning new ways to train the body with the use of minimal equipment and incorporating more functional, bodyweight based exercises. Despite the use of minimal equipment you’ll be surprised with the fitness results you can achieve.

7. No start up fees

Most gyms have start up fees or will advertise ‘no start up fees’ with the catch that you must then be locked into a long term contract.  With MaxNRG Personal Training Melbourne its plain and simple, you pay for your sessions and there are NO LONG TERM CONTRACTS!

8. Get some extra motivation by training with your friends

Even though a personal trainer is always there to continually push and motivate you, training with a friend or partner is a great way to give you that extra kick.  It is often quite hard to train with a friend or partner in an overly crowded gym and it can also be difficult to arrange a time that suits both of you to get to and from the gym and to pick a gym that suits your work and home locations. A mobile personal trainer can ensure you both continue to work towards your individual goals while offering a variety of new and exciting exercises to keep you both motivated and enjoying your training sessions.  It also means you can select a time and place that is convenient to all parties involved and provides an environment for you to socialise in with your training partner as you work towards your weight and fitness goals. Personal Training guarantees more fitness benefits when training with a friend or partner and can save you over 33% on normal training fees, so it also makes great economic sense as well.

9. For people with busy schedules take out the travel time to and from gyms and have a trainer come to you

Having a mobile personal trainer come to you saves you the time getting to and from gyms. We can come to you before work, after work or even during your lunch break.  For anyone to achieve the fitness results they want, it all depends on having a personalised program that is aimed at the most effective way for you to generate those permanent health and fitness changes. Having a personal trainer that comes to you will also create more spare time for you to feel good about yourself and enjoy life with friends and family.

10. Great way to meet new people when training in groups

Are you new to the Melbourne area? Or just want to meet new people? Don’t get stuck going in and out of gym classes, not knowing a sole. MaxNRG is a Melbourne based Personal Training service that provides the best in group fitness training and delivers a highly enjoyable session while still achieving fantastic results for all its clients.

MaxNRG Mobile Personal Training Melbourne is a company that provides personal training services throughout Melbourne and Melbourne’s northern suburbs.

Whatever your health & fitness goals are a MaxNRG mobile personal trainer will be able to develop a fitness program to help you achieve your goals. Our mobile personal trainers provide personal training sessions all across Melbourne. So if you want to get fit but not join a gym, talk to us today about how a MaxNRG personal trainer can help you.

Personal Training

Welcome to our Personal Training Blog…

Hello and welcome to our MaxNRG Personal Training Blog page. We intend to give you all an insight to all things health and fitness and what our business can do for you!  Hope you enjoy all our tips, information and exciting blogs and videos and we look forward to your comments, feedback and answering any question you may have. Stay tuned for all our latest news!