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What is it?
A great way to let off steam and a great way to get fit. Boxing certainly brings out the best in you. In boxing sessions you will learn different types of punches, kicks, footwork and combos. These sessions do not mean you are in the boxing ring getting punched up! It’s all a mixture of cardio, stamina and endurance.

Types of punches: jab, cross, hook, uppercuts, rolling & rips
Types of kicks: straight kicks, round house & knees

Combine these types of exercises into combos, runs and drills you will definitely get the blood pumping and the arms and legs burning. Core work can also be a major part of your boxing session with a variety of sit up and crunch punch combos and some laying down bag kicks and leg raise kicks.

In a group boxing session you will work with a partner and go through various drills and exercises including running, body weight and core work together and you will also have to be the pad holder, which can be a workout itself.

Equipment needed for a great boxing session:
Boxing gloves/mitts
Focus pads
Exercise mats
Kick bags

Boxing is surprising enjoyable with most clients getting into it straight away, and once you have learnt the basics you will soon realise how much the session takes it out of you and pushes you to your limits. I think we all want to let out our frustrations and what better way to do that than participating in a boxing fitness program.

Who can do it?
Anyone! All ages and fitness levels are able do boxing, in you session to get the best workout try and partner up with someone your size and fitness level, that way you can work together at your own pace and feel comfortable throughout your workout.

Example Boxing Fitness Program

Warm Up
– Jab/Crosses x 30 seconds + run to cone
– Hooks x 30 seconds + run to come
– Uppercuts x 30 seconds + run to cone

Combos 1 & 2
– 2 x jabs + 1 cross repeat x 30 seconds
– jab + cross then one hard uppercut x 30 seconds

Drill 1
– In pairs countdown – 50 x jab/crosses + run to cone (gloves) / star jumps (pad holder) then countdown 40, 30, 20, 10
– 50 x hooks + run to cone (gloves) / jump squats (pads) & countdown 40, 30, 20,10
– 50 x uppercuts + run to the cone (gloves) / mountain climbers (pads) & countdown 40, 30, 20, 10
Then SWAP with your partner

Combos 3 & 4
– 10 x hooks + 10 x round house kicks (both sides)
–  jab + cross + left uppercut + right uppercut + light knee + right knee

Boxing Core
– Sit up punches – 10 x jab cross sit ups
– Leg raise bag kicks x 10
Repeat x 3


Want to get into boxing?
MaxNRG Personal Training offer boxing for one on one personal training, small private training, group training and corporate training throughout Melbourne. All of our trainers are qualified in boxing and kick boxing and have the skills to run quality sessions that are effective and very enjoyable. We want you to train hard, stay committed and we will be the motivation you need get the results you want to achieve.

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