Tough Mudder Melbourne

Tough Mudder Melbourne


Philip Island Grand Prix Circuit, Cowes VIC
Saturday 19th January & Sunday 20th January, 2013

Known as the toughest event in the world, the Tough Mudder Event that is designed by British Special Forces comes back to Australia for a second time. After the popularity of the event last year the Tough Mudder team has continued to expand the number of events across Australia.

Are you Tough enough?


What is Tough Mudder?

This is not your average running event, Tough Mudder is the ultimate test of your fitness, physical and metal capabilities. It is run over a 18-20km obstacle course and presents you with 20-25 hardcore and challenging obstacles that you and you team have to work together to get through. To complete this course you will need strength, endurance, stamina, team work and a can do attitude.

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Completing this course alone is not an option!

To get through the whole course will take a lot of teamwork. Your team will have to help you lift, push, pull and drag you through the mud, walls, drops, tunnels and all different types of obstacles that are put in front of you.

The great thing is that is not a race and a great personal challenge for you and you team, because it is so difficult getting through the event will defiantly give you a great sense of achievement which as you know will prove to you that you can get through just about anything if you put your mind to it.

Types of Obstacles

Tough Mudder likes to keep the course details a mystery until two weeks before the event in order to keep you on your toes and training for all possible challenges. You can expect a hefty dose of mud, ice, fire, and electric shocks to test whether or not you’re tough enough to earn the coveted orange headband and an ice cold beer at the finish line. Average completion time of a course is typically 3-4 hours.

Melbourne #1 2013 Sample Course Map

Possible Obstacles for the 2013 Melbourne #1 Event


  • Arctic Eenma – work your way through an ice bath and under wooden planks
  • Ball Shrinker – cross over icy cold water over 2 ropes and its virtually impossible to make it across without being at least half submerged
  • Boa Constrictor – Crawl through a series of wet and muddy pipes
  • Berlin Walls – Scale 12 ft walls with the help of your team
  • Everest – One of the toughest obstacles, make a quick sprint, jump and hang on and pull yourself up a half pipe
  • Mud Mile – make you way of waist deep mud, not the best one to not want to get dirty!
  • Walk the Plank – climb up to the top of a 15+ feet jump and jump into freezing cold water followed by a swim to the shore
  • Electroshock Therapy – You that’s right run through a wall of wire that pump out 10,000 volts!


Electroshock Therapy Obstacle


Event Details

The 2013 Tough Mudder Melbourne event is being held at Philip Island Grand Prix Circuit
Back Beach Road, Cowes VIC.

Travel Time
From Melbourne: 1 hour, 45 minutes
From Traralgon: 2 hours
From Geelong: 2 hours, 45 minutes

Saturday 19th January & Sunday 20th January 2013


There is also another Tough Mudder event on in Melbourne later in the year.
Australia – Melbourne #2 14 Sept & 15 Sept 2013 – Preregister for the event now and receive a discount code when the event is open for registration!

Entry Details
Enter yourself and your team via the Tough Mudder website. Simply follow the prompts and make the payment to enter.

If joining a team the team organiser with have a team name and password for you to join.

Participant tickets to Tough Mudder typically cost between $80 – $150. The earlier you grab a spot, the less expensive! Get in quick as cost goes up as the event starting date gets closer.

[warning_box]Please beware because of the type of event this is a insurance wavier will need to be signed before committing to the event.[/warning_box]

*Spectator tickets are also available
Spectator Tickets are available online for $20 until 12pm on the Friday before Tough Mudder Melbourne #1 2013. They will also be sold for $40 onsite – buy your spectator tickets now.


MaxNRG Personal Training’s Involvement

The MaxNRG Trainers have already been training clients in preparation for next year’s Tough Mudder events. The teams that have approached us to help prepare them for Tough Mudder have been put through their paces with our military style boot camps and workouts that have been designed to build the strength and stamina you need to complete the course.

Two of our trainer’s are also competing in the Tough Mudder Melbourne event so make sure you look out for Trainer’s David Atkinson and Sam Jones and helping their own teams get through the tough event.

We wish all our trainers and clients the very best and good luck, We are sure all the hard work you put into before hand will pay off!

Tough Mudder Preparation

If you are looking to participate in any of the upcoming Tough Mudder Melbourne events our team at MaxNRG Personal Training can help. We have a number of private group training programs that have been specifically designed for competitors to prepare for the obstacles ahead.

Our mobile personal trainers operate all throughout Melbourne and can help you with a training regime that will allow you and your team prepare for the event. Tough Mudder will punish you, no matter your shape, size, or current level of fitness so there is always room to improve. As such, we encourage all people looking to compete need to increase their physical training in preparation for the event. We specialise in developing personalised exercise program based on YOUR individual needs and goals to ensure YOU get the results WE want.

Call 0403-741-278 or fill out our online form and a member of the MaxNRG Personal Training team will contact you shortly.

For more information about MaxNRG Personal Training, call or email:

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MaxNRG Personal Training
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0403 741 278
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Upstream 50km Challenge (Saturday 19th November 2011)

Upstream 50km Challenge

Waterfront City Docklands, MELBOURNE
Saturday 19th November 2011

The Upstream 50km Challenge is on again in 2011 so come and join in the fun and register with your family, friends and colleagues on Saturday 19th November and help raise funds for charity.

Upstream 50km Challenge 2011

What’s involved in the Upstream Challenge?

The walk starts at Waterfront City in Melbourne’s Docklands precinct. It then progresses along a 50km route in the Melbourne Metropolitan area, making use of the scenic walking routes along the Yarra River. Four checkpoints break the 50km into 10km sections and the walk concludes at Donvale Christian College for celebrations, food and an awards presentation.

How does the event work?

Participants can enter the event in three different ways; register for the 50km Challenge as an individual or as a team or enter as a relay team.

Individual Entry: Walk the entire 50km at your own pace.

Team Entry: walk the entire 50km as a team. Teams can be made up of any number of people with a maximum of 6. Teams MUST stick together throughout the event, so if you are at different fitness levels or speed, we suggest you register as an individual.

Relay Entry: Walk the 50km as a relay. Relay teams require a minimum of 2 (and a max of 10) people and each member must walk a minimum of 30km during the duration of the 50km. Teams will need to have someone walking at all times over the 50km but each individual does not need to complete the 30km in one continuous go.

Is this a race?

The Upstream 50km Challenge is not a race, but some awards will be given at the end of the race as well as prizes for the highest fundraisers. The 50km walk will take you on average between 9-11 hours, but that depends on your level of fitness and if you rest and checkpoints.

How to Register for the Walk?

You’ll need to register by Friday 11th November 2011. There is no registration fee, but each participant must commit to fundraising a minimum of $200 in donations. $50 of which will be requested during your initial registration. All donations will go towards your total fundraising amount, are tax deductible and 100% will go towards your chosen beneficiary.

Register Online Here

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Do it for Charity!!!

By supporting the 2011 Upstream 50km Challenge, you can make a massive difference to any of these four terrific projects:



Camp Quality




Disability Sport & Recreation




Entrust Foundation




Leprosy Mission Australia


Participants must nominate which beneficiary they wish to support with their donations, or they can choose to share their donations. All donations over $2 are tax deductible and 100% of donations go directly to the charities.


View Melbourne Events 2011

The Upstream Track/Map

The 50km track starts at Waterfront Piazza, Docklands and follows the Yarra River alongside South Wharf, Crown Casino, Southbank and Birrarung Marr. It continues to follow the Yarra river out to the eastern suburbs. Once in Templestowe, the path leaves the Yarra River and follows Mullum Mullum Creek to the finish in Donvale.

Start Point: Docklands
Location: Waterfront Piazza, Docklands Drive, Docklands (Melways Ref 2E D4)

Checkpoint One (10km): Kevin Bartlett Complex
Location: Kevin Bartlett Sporting Complex, Burnley (Melways Ref 59 B1)

Checkpoint Two (20km): Fairfield Park
Location: Fairfield Park Drive (off Heidelberg Rd), Fairfield (Melways Ref 30 H12)

Checkpoint Three (30km): Yarra Flats Reserve
Location: Yarra Flats Reserve, Ivanhoe East (Melways Ref 32 C6)

Checkpoint Four (40km): Westerfolds Park
Location: Westerfolds Park, Templestowe (Melways Ref 33 F1)

Finish Line (50km): Donvale Christian College
Location: 155 Tindals Rd, Donvale (Melways Ref 34 K9)

The full map book can be found HERE at the upstream foundation website.

Register Online Here


MaxNRG Personal Training’s Involvement

Like most of the fun runs and charity events that happen in Melbourne each year we are hoping to have some of our clients and a possibly a few of our personal trainers enter in the event.

If you are looking to participate in a Melbourne 2011 fun run, charity walk or bike ride our team at MaxNRG Personal Training can help. Our mobile personal trainers will make sure that your current training regime will allow you to participate in any fun run, walk or bike ride that you set out to achieve. Call 0403-741-278 or fill out our online form and a member of the MaxNRG Personal Training team will contact you shortly.

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