The secret to living a long and healthy life requires not only regular exercise and physical activity but also to keep a well balanced diet.  It can be difficult to regularly come up with new and exciting ways to follow a healthy and nutritious diet for yourself and your family. In addition to our MaxNRG exercise and workout videoinformation, we now bring to you a variety of healthy recipes to try at home. We at MaxNRG Personal Training aim to provide weekly breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert recipe options/ideas that will not only revive your taste buds but take you a step closer to reaching a healthier you!

Breakfast Ideas

Our previous healthy breakfast recipes:

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Lunch Ideas

Our previous healthy lunch recipes:

Dinner Ideas

Our previous healthy dinner recipes:

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Dessert Ideas

Our previous healthy dessert recipes:

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Snack Ideas

Our previous healthy snack recipes:
some snack ideas coming soon

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