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Protective Services Officer Fitness Training

Protective Services Officers Fitness Testing

Are you looking for a career change?

Do you see yourself protecting the community and making a difference? Do you have the drive and motivation to help create a safer environment at our train stations in Victoria?

If that sounds like you, the Victorian Police want to hear from you!

Over the next three years the Victorian Government is looking for 940 of the best Protective Services Officers to protect and serve the community and 400,000 people who travel on our railways each day.

To be eligible to become a Protective Services Officer you must meet specific requirements and pass certain testing criteria first and one of those is the standard police fitness testing.

For many applicants the fitness test is a little daunting, but it is all about being prepared!

It’s important that you know all the requirements and go ahead and test yourself to make sure you are fit enough before you apply.

What is the Protective Service Officer Fitness Requirements?

There are only six test in the Protective Services Physical Fitness Test. The test requirements are the same as applicants wishing to enter the police force except for a 100m swim that is excluded from the testing.
1. Grip Strength
2. Illinois agility run
3. 20 metre shuttle run
4. Push Ups
5. Prone Hold
6. Obstacle Climb

Learn more about Protective Services Officer Fitness Requirement.

Preparing for the Protective Services Officer Physical Fitness Test

Applicants should take their preparation seriously and practise, practise, practise!

Anyone looking for a career as a Protective Services Officer should attempt the tests to find out their strength and weaknesses before the official day (especially the Illinois agility run and beep test).

MaxNRG Personal Training has qualified exercise professional who has experience in preparing past recruits for the police force and other emergency services.

Preparing well in advance is essential!. If you leave your training until ‘the last minute’, you will have less opportunity to adapt physically and also less time to change your training if your fitness levels require it. If you need any help in preparing for the protective service officer fitness testing, MaxNRG can help.

Whether you need help passing the beep test, reducing your agility time or increasing your grip strength and push ups numbers MaxNRG Personal can personalise a training program for you.

So, if you want to pass any of these fitness test you must take your preparation seriously. Contact MaxNRG Personal Training today to discuss options.

Learn more about becoming a Protective Services Officer and the fitness requirement involved.

Protective Services Officers Fitness Test

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