Exercise of the Week

Step Up Alternating Legs – Exercise of the Week

Step Up Alternating LegsExercise of the Week

  • Stand facing a step. Place your right foot on the step and your left on the floor.
  • With your abs braced and glutes squeezed, start the movement by pushing through the front foot (right) on the step, driving powerfully upward to the standing position
  • Once both feet and your entire bodyweight is placed at top of the step lower the right foot back down to the bottom of the step, followed by your left foot
  • Pause briefly at the bottom with both feet firmly on the ground and repeat
  • After 10-20 repetitions, swap legs placing your left foot on the step and your right on the floor to repeat the process with your other leg

Single Leg Step Up - StartSingle Leg Step Up - Finish

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