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Motivation to Exercise tips from a Fitness Trainer.

Key to Motivation

Are you having trouble getting motivated to get off the couch or take that first step to starting to be active and improve your health and wellbeing?

I think we all know that it is hard to start something new or get back into a routine that we may have once had. That’s where motivation is a big factor in what we do. The fact is some people are highly motivated and some people lack motivation when it comes to being physically active.

There are many factors and barriers that explain the different levels of motivation each individual has and by looking at these we can try and change the way all currently live our lives.

Factors that can motivate people to getting fit and healthy:

  • It’s fun and enjoyable
  • Feeling of success and achievement
  • Constant support
  • Body image
  • Quality of life
  • Improved wellbeing
  • Social interactions
  • Approval from family and friends
  • Group support
  • Effective encouragement
  • Reduce the likely-hood of medical problems
  • Results!

Some barriers that some people may need to overcome towards getting fit and healthy are:

  • Lack of support
  • Access to fitness resources
  • Expectations
  • Self-confidence
  • Previous experiences
  • Lack of time
  • Inconvenience
  • Medical reasons
  • Bored
  • Lack of progress

To overcome these barriers and get you in the right mind set to get active, there are many ways you can go about finding the motivation you need.

Set goals

Goal setting is a fantastic way to set out what you want to achieve and the results you are looking for. You may have an ultimate goal you want to achieve over a certain period so by setting smaller goals within your main goal you can set out a plan that you can follow that will keep you on track to achieving the goal.  Make sure you goals are realistic and be sure to keep track of your progress so you can look back and re-evaluate your goals if necessary if your not getting the results your after. This will provide you with the energy and enthusiasm and a purpose for the result you are after and there is nothing better than the way you will be feeling once you achieve it!

A fitness contract

Write down on a piece of paper what you want to be doing and how you want to go about it.  Then get one of your closest friends, a family member or one of the fitness coaching programs specialists – so they can help you commit to it.  Once you have this contract clearly written out, along with your goals your aiming for, place the contract on your fridge or in a place that you frequently spend time at each day as a reminder of the goals you are wanting to achieve.  By having the contract visible and committing to someone close to you, it can be a really powerful way to provide that extra push you may need to not feel like you are letting someone else down and most of all not letting yourself down.

Social Influences

This can really assist with you level of motivation. Try surrounding yourself with positive people who will support you and motivate you to keep going. Having this extra support gives you the feeling that people want you to succeed.

Find solutions

You may think of 100 reasons why you think can’t train, but how many of those reason are really valid?  Take out a piece of paper and write down your excuses, and then once you have come up with you list I want you to go through each of them and write down a possible solution to eliminate that excuse. Write down the problem eg: “I don’t have time to exercise because I work all day” – Solution: get a FitnessTrainer to come during my lunch break for a session.  There are means and ways around getting motivated to do physical activity, the reality is that we all need to do it to live our lives to the fullest.

Prioritise your life

One of the most common excuses for not exercising is ”I don’t have the time too’, but to be honest I don’t think I am yet to meet a person that could not find 30mins-1 hour three or four times a week to look after themselves.  There is 168 hours a week and you honestly can’t manage a few hours to keep yourself healthy?  I’m sure if you were to list the 5 most important things in your life right now, you health and your families health would be high on the list, watching television or using the computer would not be, but I’m sure a lot of people spend plenty of time a week doing that.

Have A Motivator That Works For You?

What keeps you going on those days that you’d rather sit on the couch than workout? Perhaps what motivates you will work for someone else. Please share.

Fitness Advice

An Active Family is a Happy Family

Everyone knows by now that physical exercise and a balanced diet are key to living a healthier life. One of the great things about exercise is that it doesn’t have to be done alone and who could be more convenient than family as a workout buddy. Getting your whole family involved in physical activity is an excellent opportunity to create an extra social bond between family members. It also provides another form of motivation, and if planned well this can become a weekly event the entire family looks forward.

According to results found from a study by the Australian Bureau of Statistics National Health Survey:2007-2008 overweight and obesity in both children and adults is a major health concern. This study revealed that once children become obese they are more likely to remain obese into their adult years and have a greater risk of developing both short and long-term health conditions, such as Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Children who are classified as obese also have a higher risk of social and psychological problems, such as discrimination and bullying, and if obesity does continue into adulthood it will affect your child’s long-term health.

However this doesn’t just mean that your children must increase their activity level, parents have to get involved too and should lead by example and become role models for their children. Organising time for your family to take part in any form of regular exercise should be a high priority for any responsible parent and having a plan in place is the only way to make sure it is achieved.

Here are some ideas to get your family moving:

  • Do things together – find some activities to do with the whole family e.g. plan a day trip to a local park or beach, jump on a bike or try one of Melbourne’s ovals or running tracks. Even a simple game of throwing a ball is great way of challenging your child’s balance and coordination.
  • Friendly competition – Whether it’s to see who can skip-rope the longest or run the fastest, friendly family competition can be the perfect incentive to entice your family off the couch and breaking a sweat. Even if your family isn’t that competitive getting them motivated to help a good cause can be an alternative means of increasing exercise. There are numerous fun runs and other charity events across Melbourne throughout the entire year that raise money for many worthy charities.
  • Team sports or other activities – find out your kids interests and get them involved in your local sporting clubs or dance classes. There are plenty of different sports and exercise opportunities out there for all skill levels and what better way to make new friends and get the family out of the house and away from the television.
  • Leave the car at home – instead of driving the kids to school or driving yourself to work or down the local shops, why not walk or ride a bike.
  • Limit time watching TV and playing video games – Television and computers are a big part of people’s lives today but why not try using some of that time engaging in some physical activity. For most of us whether at school or work we spend a large part of our day sitting at a desk and so we must make an extra effort to get moving in our spare time.
  • Be a role model – If your kids see you performing and enjoying regular exercise then they will be more inclined to follow in your footsteps and practice your good habits ensuring a longer and healthier future.
  • Praise your kids – Every kid is not the same and will have different interests in a whole range of sporting activities. Whether it is competitive team sports, riding bikes or running make sure you support them and give them praise for doing what they are doing.
  • Promote a good diet – Keep healthy snacks available around the house and avoid buying ‘junk’ food. If children are not given the option of unhealthy foods then their diet will remain balanced and nutritious. Children can only rely on what their parents supply for adequate nourishment therefore if you only stock high fat/sugar based foods with limited fruit and vegetable options your children will lack the energy needed to get through the day.
  • Healthy sleeping habits – If you fail to give your body the rest it needs you will find it difficult to perform at your peak during exercise. Remember tired family members are going to be poor workout partners. It is important to enforce a reasonable bedtime for your children so that they receive at least 8 hours of sleep per night to ensure they remain active throughout the day.

Ahead of all the things mentioned above, make sure exercise is FUN. Keep it playful and positive; exercise doesn’t have to be hard and boring. Your family should aim for at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day to be guaranteed to see and feel the benefits of a healthier body.

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