SKINS A400 Half Tights

Product Review – SKINS A400 Compression Half Tights

Our look at the new SKINS A400 compressions range

The new SKINS A400 range has over 10 different types of compression garments including long and half tights, long and short sleeve tops, sleevless tops, shorts, and even calf tights and arm sleeves.

For the purpose of this review we will only be looking at the Men’s half tights which David and myself have been wearing for the past few weeks during our personal training sessions with clients and during our own running sessions and when in the gym.

Having both previously owned SKINS products it was a great chance to see what improvements the new technology used in the A400 series would offer and if they stack up against the other compression wear brands that are now on the market.

The main purpose of compressions wear is to basically help improve the supply of oxygen to muscles, improve performance when running and reduce lactic acid build-up, muscle vibration, risk of injury and delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

The SKINS A400 range have taken this technology to the next level with many added features which includes ‘Memory MX’ fabric which provides constant compression that also returns to its original shape no matter how much stress you put it under.

David and Russell’s thoughts of the SKINS A400 Half Tights:

I have used SKINS a couple of years ago when playing sport and found they assisted me during the game and also with recovery so was keen to give the new range a go. Before trying out the SKINS I decided I would plan a weeks training schedule involving a combination of sprinting, hills, long distance running, spin bikes and strength training without wearing them. I took note of how I felt throughout each session and during recovery and then repeat the exact training schedule the following weeks whilst wearing the A400 SKINS to compare the two.

What I first notice with trying them on was how comfortable they are. They made my legs feel extremely secure and compressed, but also were not restrictive in any of my movements. One thing I did notice was a reduction in Lactic Acid build in my legs which normally get when running and riding so that was a stand out for me as I felt I could keep going longer and harder in my training sessions. The reduction in my recovery time between sessions was also another big thing that I noticed which is a great thing for me as being a personal trainer I need to be fit and ready for the highly physical demand of my job.

5 stars!

I plan on recommending them to the rest of the MaxNRG Personal Training team and would recommend it to anyone that is living a active lifestyle.

I have always worn some form of compression garments during football training and game days so was keen to see how SKINS compressions garment technology has evolved. I must say I found the fit excellent and compression aspect amazing. They are definitely more comfortable than the old skins and they don’t stretch and make gaps when you move so it provides continuous compression throughout. I found the recovery aspect was still excellent like the SKINS range has been in the past. I have always used the long compression tights as a great recovery tool during the football season and I look forward to purchasing the Long Compression Tights in the upcoming months when winter training begins.

5 stars!

It seems that everything has been improved with the A400 range


I can honestly say that both of us have been very impressed with the new range of compression garments that SKINS now have on offer.

While relatively expensive compared to some other brands out there in the market place the old saying of ‘you get what you pay for’ is a perfect fit with the quality and effectiveness of these skins. Don’t waste your time and money on ineffective and poor quality products. SKINS definitely are the real deal.

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